Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Organization chart (free) control in Silverlight


I've lately got some requests to share the sources of this org chart:

That being said, here they are:

The sourcecode is in a draft version, stripped as much as I could from the actual live implementation I've used it with. It contains also an Azure project(you need the azure SDK to be able to open the azure deploy project) because the live sample is hosted with Windows Azure. By default you won't need it I think.

There are 3 projects inside:
- Azure deployment
- Test ASP.Net website (the default.aspx page displays the control with random data on it)
- Silverlight Control

The Contract.cs file specifies the contracts to be passed between the Silverlight control and the ASP.Net project, serialized. To make sure that I have only one file to update, the file resides inside the Silverlight control and in the web test it's only included as a link (it's being built in both assemblies, at compile time).

It's fully customizable, allowing you to:
- alter it's entire design by changing either the XAML or the design object passed with each draw request
- display items as a custom XAML with replaceable tags
- scroll, zoom (not working pretty charming, haven't got time for it though).
- make whatever you want with it (an org chart, a vertical tree control, etc).
- learn Silverlight :)

For questions, or in case you want to use it in a commercial project (by default it's free to use only in non-profit projects), mail me at contact@sharpdevel.com


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