Saturday, May 25, 2013

HobbyKing EMS Hong Kong to Europe Romania Bucharest transit/delivery times

Just received this week a 2 kg order from Hobby King Hong Kong, sent through EMS with Singapore Post.

Here are the timings, maybe someone else is interested:

21/05/2013 13:06Delivered
20/05/2013 15:45Failed DeliveryGST payable
20/05/2013 15:34Processing at Delivery Office
19/05/2013 00:07Received at Destination Transit Centre
19/05/2013 00:07Departed from Destination Transit Centre
19/05/2013 00:07Held by Customs at Destination
16/05/2013 18:00Handover to Airline
16/05/2013 14:23Processing at Air Transit Center
14/05/2013 16:05Processing at Sorting Centre
13/05/2013 18:09Acknowledged at Transit Centre
13/05/2013 15:34Shipments in transit from Origin

Romanian: Timp livrare Hobby King prin EMS din Hong Kong Singapore la Bucuresti Romania. Ca info pentru cei care au stat ca mine ca apucatii cu ochii pe tracking page :)

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